About Us

NFOP is an established, national, not-for-profit, membership organisation

The History of NFOP dates back to the 1930s. It is an independent not-for-profit membership organisation that represents nearly 50,000 people across the UK. Its Members are individuals who have saved for a pension, whether in receipt of a pension or have a deferred pension.

Members of NFOP have access to a number of membership benefits and offers including legal and tax advice, help with computer and IT problems, an Accident Aftercare service, an informative and entertaining magazine, and an exclusive travel club. The NFOP Welfare Fund is a charity that can provide grants for assistance, on a case by case basis, with the replacement or provision of items to help with changes to an individual's circumstances.

There is a network of independent local groups across the UK, run by their members. The groups organise events, guest speakers, days out and other activities. They provide members with an invaluable source of contact and support.

NFOP communicates on a regular basis on issues that affect all pensioners through the magazine, e-newsletter and by bringing together people who want their voices heard. It takes action on key issues that matter to Members, including the support of campaigns by fellow pensioner organisations. Later Life Ambitions brings together the collective voices of over a quarter of a million pensioners through the National Federation of Occupational Pensioners, the Civil Service Pensioners’ Alliance (CSPA), and the National Association of Retired Police Officers Association (NARPO). You can find out more at www.laterlifeambitions.co.uk

NFOP is run by Members for Members and holds a Conference every year where members get together to debate important issues and determine NFOP policy. It is also a time for members to meet socially.

The small annual subscription cost can either be paid by the individual, scheme, or employer, depending on how the service is offered.

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