Membership Benefits

Members have access to a number of valuable benefits and services including helplines, services and offers, a magazine and an e-newsletter. These are designed to help members feel protected and supported through their later life stages - approaching, at and during their retirement:

Help and support
Helplines are manned by experts in their relevant field who can provide initial help to members who have queries on a number of key matters:
- Legal issues such as trusts, lasting power of attorney, will writing, property, timeshare issues
- Tax issues including self-assessment, tax reviews and help with tax queries
- Financial issues such as tax and estate planning, pensions, and mortgages
- IT and computer problems such as software, speed issues, virus protection, upgrades
- Benefit Entitlement information and assistance
- Accident Aftercare service for non-fault traffic incidents

Services and offers

NFOP Members can take advantage of offers from select companies, including:
- Insurance Offers – motor, home, travel
- Discounts and deals on white goods
- Offers from Cumbria based distillery
- Free motor services quotes via a specialist online provider

The NFOP Magazine
Members receive an informative and entertaining magazine, which is published regularly throughout the year. The NFOP Magazine covers a good mix of light hearted matter, reviews and competitions alongside articles on important issues of the day that affect members. Regular articles appear on the subjects of travel, health, politics and collecting. Members can take part in regular puzzle competitions and can contribute their thoughts and comments in the Letters pages.
Please click the image on the right to see a Taster of the latest NFOP Magazine.

NFOP Travel Club
NFOP has links with several companies, both UK and Worldwide to provide exclusive offers to NFOP members beyond normal deals. Travel insurance is available for one-off needs as well as through the NFOP Annual Travel Insurance Scheme which offers members a 12 month policy running annually from March 1st. There is eligibility criteria that needs to be met in order to take out the annual policy.

Newsletter by email
Our e-newsletter is sent out regularly and aims to keep members up to date with news, information on topics of interest, and updates on membership benefits. The newsletter is sent out to all members that have provided an email address to us on application. Once you are a member, you can check we have your current email address by logging into the Members' Area and checking your details. You can also unsubscribe at any time by changing your mailing preferences.

The NFOP Magazine